Tuesday, December 9, 2014



We all know someone out there in the community who has is doing it tough despite working hard all their life and thought "I'd like to do something for them for once. Throw them a party or give them a trip overseas." Maybe it's your pastor or a doctor or maybe even your mother.

There are some Australians who have worked hard for themselves all their lives. People like Gina Reinhardt and Rupert Murdoch. Make no mistake, through no fault of their own they are doing it tough now. Despite their efforts the price of iron is falling along with newspaper circulation figures. This is when we, as a community, can step in and lend a hand.

That's why this government, on behalf of all Australians, is determined to reduce the burden on these heavy lifters of the nation through reduced taxes and broad ranged financial and legislative assistance packages. It's part of our plan to ensure a prosperous future for these great Australians.

Yours uncharacteristically truthfully,


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