Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Lego Movie is the work of Satan

The coming of the Antichrist?
The Lego Movie isn't just teaching our children to hate business but corrupting their souls as well with a message antithetical to the teachings of the Bible. In the movie we have the "hero" Emmett Brickowski following the instructions handed down by his creator. All the creator wants is to ensure the perfection of his vision for the Universe its people. Emmett is blissfully happy until a woman named Wyldstyle tempts him away from the true path of perfection. Eventually Emmett denies the creator's vision and instead embarks in the hubris of belief that he can equal the creator's vision himself, encouraging others to do the same.

If this ins't a flat out denial of the teachings in Genesis then I don't know what is. By allowing your children to view this movie then you are condemning them to sin. It should be boycotted at all cost.

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